• Python Development
  • Server Architecture
  • Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Django Development
  • Responsive Design

Justice Cannabis Co. is a place where self exploration collides with human connection through the power of cannabis. Blaze your own trail.

Justice Cannabis Co. was looking to create a truly unique experience for their clients while browsing its Bloc Dispensary website. By closely working with the owner, we designed and developed 4 cannabis business’ brochure style websites by utilizing the Django framework and binding with Dutchie e-commerce platform. The team also works on the firm’s SEO, newsletter campaigns, social media campaigns while providing maintenance services for the website.

Justice Cannabis Co. and their mission, desired a scalable, flexible and robust solution that would be very powerful and serve their goal in everyday tasks.

Justice Cannabis Co. is now running on custom server architecture with Django framework which is ridiculously fast, reassuringly secure, exceedingly scalable and incredibly versatile, which makes the overall result a very powerful product. Justice Cannabis Co. has a custom built dashboard that is easy to use and staff can do quick changes to its content and post new pages on the fly.

Justice Cannabis Co. as well needed help with IT services such as solving OS patches, backups, email server management, software patches, management and help with security.

We get a lot of compliments on the website Python Force built. People love our new site, its UI/UX, and how easy it is to use. Overall, I’m most impressed with their quality of work and accuracy. They’ve helped us with implementation and advised us on best practices. They created the site from scratch, including the UI/UX, and we provided documentation and the design.

I’ve worked with developers in the past where we’ve had to apply many edits, whereas Python Force delivers everything with such precision and accuracy that it makes them very easy to work with. While many providers offer white box solutions, Python Force delivers everything from scratch, and there is more quality in their work than in some of these other options. I don’t know too many people who code and develop from scratch.

Department VP, Justice Cannabis Co

The Justice Cannabis Co. team is powered by seasoned experts who know the intricacies and nuances of cannabis and are led by a team of cannabis professionals who have nurtured the process from the very beginning—filling pots with media, mixing nutrients, trimming flowers and genetic selection. The Justice Cannabis Co. are a collective of growers, extractors, connoisseurs and customer experience aficionados on a mission to make people feel good.

The Justice Cannabis Co. creates products and experiences for people who want to feel good.