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The Hunter Barnes Photography Project focused his artistic gaze on the faces of proud groups of people who are consistently misrepresented in the modern American narrative. His work can be seen in Milk Studios, New York City.

Project was developed with Django Framework and offers galleries of photos, films made on Super 8mm film and extensive press coverage.

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About Client and Application

Under the tutelage of Dr. R. Heist, Hunter Barnes earned a Degree in Photography and Photochemistry. Distinguishing himself from his photographer peers through the integrity of his process from concept to print, he shoots exclusively in black and white film and prints his own images adhering to the archival darkroom methods of the generations of masters who preceded him.

In his home and creative retreat, nestled in a valley in the natural reserves of Oregon, he produces silver gelatin, fiber-based limited edition prints each year. His photographs flash us into moments and scenes most people will never get to experience first-hand during their lifetime. Hunter cherishes the friendships he builds with people who recognize his sincerity and allow him access to their private worlds. After establishing their trust over meaningful dialogue and shared experiences, he frames his subjects as they are and where they dwell.