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Nancy Gonzalez, eponymous with vibrant color and luxurious textures has become one of the most celebrated handbag designers in the world. Known for her innovative use of precious skins and distinct color palette, her handbags have become instant classics.

The Nancy Gonzalez platform previously running on Flash, was not showing well in Google search results. The goal was to put the Nancy Gonzalez brand on top of the search results and develop a site that allowed clientele to know more about these unique handbag products.

In collaboration with Creative Director Kayako Kobayashi we created the website running on Django Framework and by Extensive Press Engine the clientele can view and choose from a variety of Nancy Gonzalez products.

The Nancy Gonzalez brand now has visitors from 178 countries.

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About Client and Application

Gonzalez, a petite, soft-spoken woman of the utmost conviction and unfathomable determination, knows firsthand what it takes to succeed. As a mother of two, she made a courageous choice for a Colombian woman to go into business for herself.

Drawing from what she knew best, the inspiration of her native country, she created handbags that celebrated the natural beauty and the rich culture of Colombia. Quality, exclusivity, authenticity and timelessness are the trademarks of true luxury. These, along with a combination of dreaminess and rigor, are the pillars of the Nancy Gonzalez brand.