Sun Pop Life

  • Python Development
  • Server Architecture
  • Design
  • User Experience Design
  • Django Development
  • Responsive Design
  • DevOps
  • Shopify
  • Shopify Design
  • Shopify Development

Sun Protection Your Kids Will Actually Want to Wear

Sun Pop Life was looking to create a brochure and e-commerce website. By closely working with the owner, we designed and developed a Sun Pop Life’s business’ brochure style website by utilizing Django framework and Shopify to build e-commerce website.

The team also worked on the firm’s SEO, newsletter campaigns, social media campaigns while providing maintenance services for the website. Python Force Corp as well helped with IT services such as solving OS patches, backups, email server management, software patches, management and help with security.

Python Force created a website that was specifically designed for our needs. We then integrated it with a Shopify cart function. In terms of our requirements, we wanted the site to be secure; it should also allow us to interact with other people from different countries and to use various currencies. We also want to have an easy inventory system; we needed it to be streamlined because we had both wholesale and retail focuses.

Moreover, our team requested the site to be more visual. That entailed putting videos and images on the website, along with a newsletter. We wanted all of these to make the site look like an interactive magazine page.

Python Force’s project management was highly professional, and they had great communication. When I had ideas early in the morning, I could text or email them and would immediately get a response — they were on top of it right away.

Owner, Sun Pop Life

Sun Pop Life built a business with a purpose - high-quality, long-lasting, sun-protective line of clothing from the bottom up. Sun Pop Life designed pieces with unique designs that kids would actually want to wear.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends using UPF rated clothing as the first line of defense against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays because it absorbs or blocks much of the sun’s radiation. Sun Pop Life insists on lab tested UPF 50+ (the highest sun protection rating available). SPL products physically block 99.8% of harmful rays from reaching the skin.